COLLECTION – a three book lesbian bundle from Sadie Shaves

Three stunning short stories from our Sadie. Available from Amazon.


Connect with Sadie on twitter @sadie_shaves

Femmes on Film:

Kiki was a bored, frustrated housewife.  It was time to play.

She devised a way to let all the local women know that she was up for fun.  All-comers welcome.

It was so exciting, waiting to see who would be ringing her doorbell.  Only two rules; when the outside light was off, she was engaged, and the second rule? No one would be turned away.

Read this page-turner from Sadie Shaves to see who turns up at Kiki’s door and just who is witnessing everything?

Ladyboss Lust:

Nancy thought she was bored at work.

Her bitch of a boss had a way to liven things up, but no one must know.  The boss had too much to lose, but would her lust for sultry, sexy Nancy be too strong to deny?

Would Nancy be a good girl and do as she was told? If so, for how long would she be the ladyboss’s muse?  After all, Nancy’s career depended on her compliance.

Lacey’s Lesbian Dare:

My two best friends were loved up, boring gay marrieds.

I was always the one to show off and play up on a night out.  They dared me to push the boundaries and it always got out of hand.  But this time they were in control of my sex life.

They didn’t disappoint.  What did they have in store for me? Would I be able to take it?

Fulfil the dare, Lacey.

Read all three books now in just one neat package…



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