All our authors are acclaimed writers of erotic short stories available via Amazon and Kindle.  Each have their own speciality…

Adele Able is the mistress of straight, romantic erotica.  Her first stories were based on her own Admissions.  As she progressed, Adele became more adventurous and now her tales cover a wealth of subjects, from hobos to horny billionaires.  Follow Adele on twitter @Adele_Able  https://twitter.com/Adele_Able

Lucy Anne Muffin writes for the step-relation genre.  Her stories are tantalizing and titivating.  Lucy Anne likes to keep things in the family. @lucyannemuffin https://twitter.com/lucyannemuffin

Sadie Shaves is pornauthor’s first lgbt author.  She is a lady who loves to explore the love of other ladies.  Her books are hugely popular with women, men, whatever their sexual preference.  Please join her on twitter @sadie_shaves https://twitter.com/sadie_shaves

Bobby Dickin specializes in short stories for the MM market.  His partner, Everard P Steel,  takes Bobby’s stories a stage further, to the step brother/man of the house world.  They have a twitter account @bobby_everard https://twitter.com/bobby_everard

All these creatives are brought together by their erstwhile PA, Joanna.  Soon, their stories will also all be able to be heard for the first time via audio downloads.   All are currently available to read on Kindle and Amazon.

…enjoy ♥.